Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives are the most effective (>99%) safest and most convenient forms of family planning and yet women under 30 commonly choose Condoms or Pills as they are perceived as cheaper and simpler. The cost of inserting an intrauterine device or subdermal implant (bar) is often the greatest obstacle. Hopefully we will see Free contraception in coming years but until then we would like to encourage more women to try IUDs and implants.

Carrig Clinic has introduced a new offer to fulltime students under 30 years who would be prepared to try an IUD or implant for a normal visit cost of €60 total (insertion plus 6 week check up) so that it is no different to cost of pill visit. If women are happy they spend nothing further on contraception for 5 YEARS

We recommend that women who have never been pregnant start with a very small intrauterine device. There are two ideal options:

1  levonorgestrel IUS       
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Kyleena IUS  is a tiny little plastic Intra uterine device which lasts 5 years. It is even smaller than Mirena IUS. It has lowest possible hormone level which is active in your uterus but has very low levels in blood stream. Many women have no bleeds or very infrequent light periods. It is instantly reversible when removed and has no effect on future fertility.
It has a failure rate of 1 in 1000 women users.

2  Copper Coil     
Image result for UT 380 short UT380  is the smallest copper coil, ideal for Emergency contraception and suitable for all women regardless of body build or previous pregnancies. A copper coil can be a great choice for women who want to avoid hormones.However they can make menstrual bleeding a little heavier and so work best with women who have a very normal cycle. They are instantly reversible when removed.
They last 5 years and have a failure rate of 1 in 100 women users.

3.Subdermal Implant ( rod ) Brand name ImplanonNXT

Image result for Implanon This is a hormone device 4cm long injected under the skin of the upper arm.It contains progesterone hormone Etonorgestrel and lasts 3 years.
Currently the implant is the MOST effective method of contraception with failure rate <1 in 1000. It is also very safe and simple to insert. There will always be a small mark on the skin where the implant is inserted but this is 2-3 mm long and fades to pale over 1 year. The device is popular women who do not want a pelvic exam . Implants will change your cycle.Some women get no periods and less commonly women can have irregular bleeds. We have solutions to most period conundrums but if someone wants it removed it is also instantly reversed and cycle returns to normal.

We have many other options for contraception including hormone injections,hormone pills and the vaginal hormone ring .We also have a range of other intrauterine devices which may be better choices depending on individual preference.


If someone would like to try an IUD or implant it is essential that we know you are not already pregnant!


1. Continue using your pill precisely until the visit
2. Have no sex since Day 1 of your last period
3. Have no sex for 3 weeks before visit & a pregnancy test can be done on the day
4. CONDOMS are not considered a reliable method of contraception prior to an IUD insertion. They have 19% failure rate

If you want to try an IUD or Implant then please come in to discuss and we may give a prescription to collect the device from the pharmacy . We stock Copper coils in the Practice. If after discussion a woman prefers to continue her pill a prescription will be provided.

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