Carrig Clinic provides a wide range of General Practice Services including:

Urgent/Rapid access appointments for sick children
We will see a sick child immediately at any time of the day. Call reception to alert us to your needs.

Urgent /Rapid access for Adults
Although we use an appointment based system we will prioritise people who are acutely ill .

Infant and Child Health under 6s Service

Child Immunisation


Cervical Screening

Family Planning services including Implanon, Mirena and Copper IUDs

Menopause Care

Combined Antenatal Care

Fertility Investigations & Pregnancy Planning

Well Man Services

Travel Health Advice & Immunisation (including Yellow Fever)

Joint Injections

Diabetes Shared Care

Palliative Care Services

Influenza & pneumococcal vaccines & Flu Survey via NVRL

Ear Syringing

Asthma Clinic & Spirometry

Heart Health with ECG & 24 Hour BP monitor


Cryotherapy and destruction of warts with Cantharone (painless wart removal)

Minor Surgey

Care of the Elderly

Driving Licence Medicals