If you are looking for a GP referral for a COVID-19 PCR test please complete the following questionnaire. Please note we cannot fast track PCR test appointments.

Alternatively you can book your own test online at

We understand our patients are concerned for themselves and their loved ones, and we can assure you we are doing everything we can to operate as normally as possible, while at the same time minimising the risk of exposure to our patients or indeed our practice.

Symptomatic COVID-19 Testing Form
How severe are your symptoms?
Please give a brief outline of your symptoms, when they started and your concern re testing. If you have any other symptoms not covered in the checklist above, please let us know here also.
Please outline any significant pre-existing medical conditions that may put you in an at-risk category.

  • On receipt of the form, we will contact you to clarify any issues. Remote consultations in relation to Covid-19 are free of charge. Please provide your PPS number. You will be sent a test centre appointment directly to your mobile phone by text.
  • If your symptoms worsen while you are waiting for testing, please contact us so we can further evaluate your status.
  • PLEASE SELF ISOLATE AT HOME to help slow down the spread of the virus. Please do not come in to the Practice as you risk passing on infection to other patients and our staff.
  • If you develop symptoms after 5pm or at the weekend, please book your test online using the link above, or contact the out of hours GP service EDoc on 01 2234500 to arrange a testing referral.


  1.  We are here for ALL our patients. If you are unwell without the above symptoms please call us on 01 2875932 as normal.

  2. If you are looking for a prescription, please go to the Prescription page on our website and submit your request. Please allow 48 hours (two working days) to have them filled.

  3. If booking an appointment, please consider whether you actually need to attend the practice – many illnesses are mild self-limiting viruses that do not require treatment. We are trying to reduce the risk of spreading any illnesses around by asking patients only to book appointments if necessary. A telephone consultation will be available to you.

  4. When you are attending an in-person appointment, we will be asking relevant Covid Triage questions at the time of booking and at check-in.

We are here to help all our patients, normal service has resumed. We would ask you to follow the public health advice, washing your hands regularly, social distancing, mask wearing, cough and sneeze etiquette.

Carrig Clinic  01 2875932 is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (closed for lunch 1pm-2pm).

The E-Doc Out of Hours GP Service 01 2234500 runs overnight from 6pm to 8am and 24 hours over bank holidays and weekends.